Credit Rating

The Housing Financing Fund (HFF) is rated by two international rating agencies, Moody´s Investors Service and Standard & Poor´s. Both agencies were asked to rate HFF in the midst of 2004, at the time when the first HFF bonds were issued.

Moody´s rates the Fund´s local currency only, while Standard & Poor´s rates both its local and foreign currencies.

Credit ratings by Moody´s Investors Service for the Housing Financing Fund (HFF).
Local currency
February 2017Baa1Stable
September 2016Baa1Stable
Credit ratings by Standard & Poor's for the Housing Financing Fund (HFF).
Local currencyForeign currency
July 2019BB+NegativeBB+Negative
October 2017BB+PositiveBB+Positive
July 2017BB/BPositiveBB/BPositive
October 2016BBPositiveBBPositive
July 2016BBStableBBStable
Jan. 2016BB-StableBB-Stable
July 2015BB-StableBB-Stable
July 2014BB-StableBB-Stable
June 2012BB/BStableBBB/A-3Stable
Nov. 2011BB/BStableBBB-/A-3Stable
May 2011BBNegativeBBB-/A-3Negative
April 2011BBB-/A-3Negative/watchBBB-/A-3Negative/watch
June 2010BB+NegativeBB+Negative
Nov. 2008BBBNegativeBBB-Negative
Oct. 2008BBBNegativeBBBNegative
Sept 2008ANegativeA-Negative
August 2008A+NegativeANegative
April 2008AA-NegativeAaaStable
Nov. 2007AA-NegativeAaaNegative
Dec. 2006AA-StableA+Stable
July 2006AA-StableAaaStable
June 2006AA+WatchAA-Negative
March 2006AA+WatchAA-Stable
Feb. 2006AA+NegativeAA-Stable
Feb. 2006AA+WatchAA-Stable

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