HFF´s debt collection process

Late Notice
A late notice is mailed 30 days after a past due date. A late fee of 360 ISK is charged.

Final Notice
A final notice is mailed 135 days after a past due date. A fee of 6.998 ISK is charged. A final notice must be received and signed by the debtor.

Enforced Sales Notice
An enforced sales notice is mailed to the relevant county magistrate 165 days after a past due date, if the debtor has received and signed the final notice. In the event of a process server needed to deliver the notice, a request for an enforced sale is mailed to the county magistrate 15 days from the delivery date.
The fee for an enforced auction notice is 2.490 ISK. Additionally, the State collects a minimum fee of 11.300 ISK. The county magistrate charges a fee for each published auction.

For further information, please contact HFF´s service division at 569 6900 or toll-free at 800 6969.

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