HFF loans to homebuyers

The Housing Financing Fund offers mortgage loans for home purchase, home construction and home improvement. ;


HFF Mortgage Loans
Maximum loan amount available ISK 24.000.000

Maximum % of accepted bid price              

or construction cost


Interest rates A fixed rate of  4,20%
Indexation Consumer price index
Maturity on loan 40 years
Loan fee 1% of loan amount
Payments per year 4 or 12 
Paper bill ISK 75
Electronic billing ISK 75
Conditions Only one home with an HFF loan per individual/family  

Standardized form - example for 20 IKR home loan


Home Improvement Loans

Loans for improvements are available for most types of repairs and renovations. The maximum amount available is 80% of the total cost and the loan will be granted once the work has been completed and confirmed by members licensed through the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, such as architects and engineers. The minimum loan amount is ISK 400,000.

Recent changes include the possibilty if receiving the loan before the work has been completed. This however requires a bank guarantee covering the applied loan amount.

Credit Evaluation and Loan Application

Applicants must first submit an on-line credit evaluation. The evaluation determines the following: the applicant´s eligibility, the qualified loan amount, and the affordable price range of a new home. An instant reply via e-mail will confirm or reject the applicant´s eligibillity to borrow from HFF and the Savings Banks.

The loan application is to be submitted online once a bid for a home has been accepted. 





























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