HFF Bonds

At the end of June, 2004 the Housing Financing Fund commenced its issuance of the HFF bond series HFF24, HFF34 and HFF44, offering them in exchange for Housing Bonds and Housing Authority Bonds. Since then, the Fund has further strengthened the three series initially issued and in November the same year, a fourth series was added to the HFF bond class, HFF14.

The HFF bonds are issued and sold by the Fund to capitalize the Fund’s mortgage loans and re-capitalize older capita loans. These bonds are indexed through the Consumer Price Index, and carry a fixed interest of 3.75%. The maturities of the four series are 10, 20, 30 and 40 years.

HFF Bonds are Government guaranteed and have received Moody’s Aaa rating, the same rating as Government Bonds. These bond series do not contain call provisions like the Housing Bonds do.
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